FVPC Agenda 26-09-22

Councillors are summoned to attend the Parish Council meeting on

Monday 26th September 2022

7.00 pm at the Savill Hall, Cattistock

Public and press are cordially invited to attend


Democratic Period- Ten-minute period prior to the Council meeting for members of the public to raise issues or comment on agenda items.

  • Welcome and opening introduction from the Chair
  • To receives apologies for absence
  • To receive disclosures of interests or grants of dispensation
  • To consider the Co-option of Councillors for the 4 vacancies in Cattistock Parish
  • To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 8th August 2022
  • Matters arising from the last meeting for information only
  • To receive a report from Dorset Council (Tony Alford)
  • Community Space
    1. To receive an update on the Community Space, and projects
    2. To consider the latest inspection reports and any repairs
  • Parish Council Assets
    1. To consider the future use of the Bus Shelter
  • Financial and Procedural Matters
  • To consider the cost of the replacement village sign at Holywell (£284.32)
  • To consider the PC contribution towards the Outdoor Gym equipment
  • To consider the Annual Grants:
    1. Cattistock PCC Churchyard- £525
    2. Cattistock PCC Clock- £85
    3. Frome ST Quintin PCC Churchyard- £260
    4. Chilfrome PCC Churchyard- £260
    5. Purchase of the Wreath for November £50
    6. To authorise payments for goods and services received since last meeting
    7. To consider the external audit arrangements for the coming 5 years
  • Planning
    1. To consider all planning applications in circulation
    2. To note development decisions received since the last meeting or other planning matters
  • Highways –To receive any highways reports
  • Footpaths & Rights of Way- To receive an update from the Rights of Way Liaison Officer
  • Correspondence – to receive items of correspondence
    1. Update on the meeting with Ammonite
    2. To discuss land by the Spring at Frome St Quintin
  • Parish reports: Cattistock, Frome St Quintin and Chilfrome
  • To confirm the items for the next Parish Council meeting on 28th November 2022