FVPC Agenda 27-11-23

Monday 27th November 2023

7.00 pm at the Savill Hall, Cattistock

Public and press are cordially invited to attend.



Democratic Period- Ten-minute period prior to the Council meeting for members of the public to raise issues or comment on agenda items.


  • Welcome and opening introduction from the Chair.
  • To consider the employment of a new Clerk/RFO
  • To receives apologies for absence.
  • To receive disclosures of interests or grants of dispensation
  • To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 25th September 2023
  • Matters arising from the last meeting for information only.
  • To receive a report from Dorset Council (Tony Alford)
  • To update on the election dates for 2024 in preparation for a Parish meeting.
  • To consider EV charging points in the village funded by Dorset Council
  • Community Space
    1. To receive an update from the Community Space group
    2. Update on the entrance gate (DN, DM, SP)
  • To consider the repairs to the Zip Wire as per service report.
  1. To consider the latest inspection reports and any repairs
  • Financial and Procedural Matters
    1. To authorise payments for goods and services received since last meeting.
    2. To consider the Budget and precept for 2024-25
  • Planning
    1. To consider all planning applications in circulation
    2. To note development decisions received since the last meeting or other planning matters.
  • Highways
    1. To receive any highways reports.
    2. To receive the Transport report
  • Footpaths & Rights of Way
    1. To receive an update from the Rights of Way Liaison Officer
  • Correspondence – to receive items of correspondence.
  • Parish reports:
    1. Cattistock
    2. Frome St Quintin – update on the Tree and land at the Spring
  • Chilfrome
  • To confirm the items for the next Parish Council meeting on 29th January 2024