FVPC EGM 11.02.2021

Minutes of a meeting of the Extraordinary Parish Council held remotely via Zoom on Thursday 11th February 2021, commencing at 7.00 pm.

Cllr Mitchell (Vice Chair) Cllr Browning Cllr Sennett
Cllr McCallum Cllr Kilby Cllr Stovin

In Attendance
Mrs K Sheehan (Clerk), 5 members of the public.

Democratic Period
Councillor Mitchell welcomed everyone to the EGM, which had been called to consider the planning application relating to Manor Field at Frome St Quintin because the Chair, Cllr Palmer, was one of the applicants. This would ensure complete transparency and Cllr Palmer had sent apologies and would not be present or take part in any part of the meeting.
Five members of the public were in attendance and raised the following points in relation to the planning application:
• Neighbours were generally sympathetic to the need to extend the property;
• Proposed materials did not seem to be in keeping with the rest of village (particular concerns highlighted with regards to glass at rear of building);
• Impact on neighbours and light pollution (night)/reflection (day) resulting from glass at rear, visible from a footpath;
• Concerns regarding shade in a neighbour’s front garden and kitchen.

21/013. Apologies
Apologies were received and accepted from Cllrs Palmer, Lashbrook and Tosswill.

21/014. Code of Conduct and Declarations of Interests
Cllr Stovin declared a personal interest by virtue of being a near neighbour of the applicants. All Councillors had a personal interest by virtue of knowing the Chair but were allowed to fully participate in order to progress the matter.

21/015. To consider the Parish Council’s response to planning application WD/D/20/002999 Manor Field, Frome St Quintin
Councillors discussed the application and issues raised by the members of the public in the Democratic Period:
• Again, the general principle of extending and improving the property was reiterated;
• It was noted that there were a variety of existing building styles already in the village;
• Another nearby property used glass (although single storey);
• It would be good to see some compromise with neighbours over concerns around light pollution/roof line/proximity to neighbouring bungalow.
The final submission agreed and sent to Dorset Council read as follows:
Frome Valley Parish Council has considered the application and is supportive of the general principle of extending the existing building. The plans were generally positively received by members of the Parish Council. However, concerns were raised about the potential issue of light pollution due to the proposed use of glass at rear of building (this will be visible from a right of way behind the property); and that the roof height should be in keeping with existing properties. Parish Councillors would also like to see the applicants work with neighbours to reach a compromise over light reduction/height/proximity issues they have raised.

21/016. Other Relevant Information
• No further issues raised.

21/017. Arrangements and items for the next meeting
The next meeting was agreed for Monday 29th March, likely to be held remotely via Zoom.
Items for the agenda to be advised to the Clerk 7 days prior to the meeting date.