FVPC Minutes 20-03-23

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting

held on Monday 20th March 2023 at 7pm at the Savill Hall Cattistock


Cattistock                                                    Frome St Quinton                                    Chilfrome

Cllr B Sennett (BS)                                     Cllr S Palmer (SP) (Chair)                        Cllr I Mitchell (IM) (Vice Chair)

Cllr C Ould (CO)                                          Cllr S Stovin (SS)

Cllr W Lashbrook (WL)

2 Vacancies for Cattistock


In Attendance

Mrs M Harding (Clerk/RFO)

Cllr A Alford (Ward Councillor for Dorset Council) (AA)                                                      1 member of public


Democratic Period- Ten-minute period prior to the Council meeting for members of the public to raise issues or comment on Agenda items-no members of public.


A member of the public attended the meeting to speak on the Section 53 Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 – Application for a Definitive Map Modification Order – T767- the resident explained that they had spoken to the DMMO team and their advice was to gather evidence of use of the route from local residents who had used or have known use of the route, so that when the application is looked into there is a case file to consider to see if this application is viable. The application is to make an unclassified route into a BOAT which would mean that motorised vehicles could use the route, the fear is that it would then be used for Green laning. This is part of nearly 300 applications made by a member of the BHS (British Horse Society) all over Dorset, it is believed that the BHS want to ensure these routes are not lost. The resident will speak to her neighbours and gather evidence and the PC will discuss the item further in the meeting. The resident was thanked for attending the meeting.

AA explained that there is a process that the DMMO team have to go through and an appeals process and advised that the PC and residents follow the advice of the DMMO team gathering evidence and he would also follow this up.


  • Welcome and opening introduction from the Chair- SP welcomed all to the meeting.
  • To receive apologies for absence– Cllr D Newman (DN) Cllr G Browning (GB) Cllr S Tosswill (ST), Cllr D McCallum (DM)
  • To receive disclosures of interests from members on matters to be considered at the meeting –SS registered an interest in a tree application.
  • Councillor Vacancies- 2 in Cattistock- no candidates at this time.
  • To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 23rd January 2023

The minutes were approved as an accurate record of the meeting and signed.

Proposed SS                                                Seconded WL

  • To receive any matters arising for information only – none.
  • To receive a report from Dorset Council (Tony Alford)

Councillors have voted in support of a £2m cost-of-living support fund for residents funded from reserves. The fund will support a range of projects to provide immediate and longer-term support to those residents hardest hit by the cost of living.

Examples of projects: Support for low-income households, disabled people and vulnerable older people with measures to improve the energy efficiency of their homes, Off-grid energy discretionary vouchers for households reliant on off-grid energy sources (oil and gas), Additional Discretionary Housing Payment allowance to help prevent residents becoming homeless. Supermarket vouchers for residents in greatest need to Further support for Dorset’s network of social supermarkets, community fridges and food banks. Additional pre-school hours for 3-4 year olds, enabling more parents to work. ‘Ready to thrive’ locality programme to support children with their readiness to start school. Dorset Council will work closely with partners such as Citizens Advice Dorset, Age UK, the NHS and Jobcentre Plus.

The government’s Energy Bills Support Scheme Alternative Funding (EBSS Alternative Funding) is now open for applications. The EBSS Alternative Funding is a payment of £400 to households who do not have a direct relationship with an energy supplier and therefore were unable to previously receive it. This includes residents living in park homes, houseboats or off the electricity grid or who pay for their energy through a landlord, housing manager or site owner. Applications can be made through an online form on the government website.

Work is in progress on advisory planning guidance on the subject of: Planning for Climate Change. Under 3 main headings: • Interim Guidance & Position Statement, • Sustainability Checklist and • Listed Building guidance. Note – it is not planning policy. It is effectively a checklist for developers/applicants to complete. The Listed Building component promotes what can be done. There will be consultation and briefing for Parish Councils soon.

A summary of comments from the consultation of the draft Dorset Council Local Plan is now published. All of the comments received from the 6,000 respondents have already been searchable on the council’s website, but they have now been categorised against the draft policies and relevant areas of Dorset. The consultation, which took place in early 2021, resulted in over 50,000 comments on the separate policies, more than all of the most recent former district and borough local plan consultations combined.

Celebrate the King’s Coronation with a street party Dorset Council is encouraging residents to start planning their own street parties for The Coronation of The King and The Queen Consort. It will be celebrated across the country and marked with a three-day bank holiday weekend from Saturday 6 May to Monday 8 May with opportunities for people to be part of the historic occasion. You can find out more about the national celebrations on the royal website.

If you’re planning a street party, you will need to apply for a temporary road closure, and we can help with that, head to our road closure page to find out more. Dorset Council is waiving the costs of road closure applications and we welcome residents to apply. You need to apply by 31 March. So far there has been 17 applications for road closures in the Dorset Council area. Holding a small outside event with neighbours, on private land, does not need council permission.

Meanwhile, the Coronation Big Lunch website is also full of good ideas for making parties go with a swing – more information is on the Eden Project website. National events: The Coronation takes place at Westminster Abbey on Saturday 6 May. The Coronation Big Lunch, on Sunday 7 May, and a special Coronation Concert will be staged and broadcast live at Windsor Castle by the BBC and BBC Studios The Big Help Out, on Monday 8 May Voluntary and community organisations funding: Funding is available from The National Lottery Community Fund website for voluntary and community organisations to hold events.


  • Community Space
  1. To consider any maintenance issues and receive inspection reports.

Reports and invoice for grass matting and inspections had been received, weekly checks to be forwarded to the Clerk to filing. SP to follow up.

  1. Official opening of the Gym equipment 25th March PC to attend- Unfortunately, many Cllrs are busy on this day but IM and BS to check their diaries and confirm.
  • Finance and procedural matters
  1. To authorise payments for goods and services
Payment Description Voucher No Amount
Staff Costs Salary, expenses, PAYE 56,57 1068.33
Savill Hall Hall hire 59 20.00
K Hussey Play inspections and repairs 60 305.00
DAPTC Training 58 140.00
LLoyds Interest March 2.03
Lloyds Interest Feb 2.19

All payments were made in line with internal controls.

Proposed CO                         Seconded BS                  Bank rec as at 31st January 2023- £35,107.87

  1. To agree a new internal auditor 2022-23

It was necessary to agree a new internal auditor for 2022-23, the clerk had circulated a qualified person to carry out the audit, this was agreed so Mrs D Wiltshire will be the internal auditor for the coming year.                      Proposed SP                 Seconded SS

  • To consider a review of policies

Cllrs had been circulated the policies to review and 3 of the following were agreed, the rest would be agreed at the May meeting.

Policy Comment
Social Media Awaiting GB to review
Child protection SP to redo a simpler policy
Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults SP to review as above
Grievance Policy Awaiting DN to review
Disciplinary Policy Awaiting DN to review
Co-option Policy Awaiting DM to review
Complaints Procedure Approved (CO)
Equalities Policy Approved (SS)
Grant awarding Policy Approved with amendments (BS)

Proposed CO                         Seconded SS

  • Planning and Development matters
  1. To consider planning applications currently in circulation-

TPO/2022/0064-Tree Preservation Order (TPO) at Cattistock Lodge, Maiden Newton Road, Cattistock, Dorchester, DT2 0JL- for info only


P/FUL/2022/06587 Proposal: Retain change of use of land to site a mobile home for a temporary period of 4 years Location:  Frome House Cottages- objections submitted.


P/FUL/2023/00953 Proposal: Installation of ground mounted solar photovoltaic array with associated infrastructure, security fence, CCTV, cable route, landscaping and onsite biodiversity net gain Location: Land South West of Wraxall woods- Cllrs discussed the issue of removing more agricultural land given the current cost of living crisis. AA commented that the land is graded and only that of 3b and above would be considered for solar panels. This information was noted in the application details. The agents for the application had held public events in 2022 in the local villages. Cllrs will send comments to the Clerk by the 22nd March for submission.


P/TRC/2023/01518 Proposal: T1 Horse Chestnut – Reduce by 2-2.5m from south & southeast lower limbs & thin upper canopy by approx 20% – overhanging driveway & neighbouring property. G1 Aspen – Remove – too close to overhead cables– no objections.

  1. To note development decisions received since the last meetingnone
  • Highways
  1. To receive any highways reports- The new grit bin at Higher Chilfrome is due to be installed in the next 2 weeks.
  2. To complete the Dorchester Transport Action Network Questionnaire- SP to complete.
  • To receive the local transport reports- Reports received and circulated regarding the Bus, train and community transport services.

SP noted that Country Cars does not cover Frome St Quintin so any grant towards the mobile phone would need to be dependent upon availability to residents. Cattistock is covered by the service, but Maiden Newton is the biggest user. The organiser of the scheme will be informed.

  • Footpath and Rights of Way

Nothing to report from RoWLO.

Section 53 Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 – Application for a Definitive Map Modification Order – T767- Cllrs discussed the application and considered how the community would know about this application, notices could be placed in the Chimes, or on notice boards, also a poster at the entrances to the route. A survey using survey monkey could be arranged with simple questions, this is free for up to 5 questions. It was agreed to create a poster with information, Clerk to liaise with the resident on the questions required. WL will put up the posters once ready.

  • Correspondence- report previously circulated.
  • Parish Reports- Cattistock, Frome St Quintin and Chilfrome parishes

To consider a defibrillator for Frome St Quintin, possibly located in the phone box dependant on the electricity supply- for discussion at the May meeting.

Cllrs asked what the verdict on the 20mph speed limits was, it was explained that those who attended a meeting to request the PC looked into the policy had not come forward to volunteer to collect data. In order to take this policy forward criteria needs to be met including evidence, so for now this is put on hold.

  • To confirm the items for the Annual Parish Council meeting and arrangements for the Annual Parish Assembly on the 22nd May 2023.

The APA is a village meeting and should be held annually from 1st March to 1st June. Currently the 4 parishes do not hold their own meetings but a joint one prior to the Annual PC meeting.

Cllrs considered how they could arrange this in the time allowed to have reports from community groups and local businesses, discussing local topics and issues for further discussion at future parish council meetings.

Cllrs felt that there was not enough time to arrange this for May 2023 but agreed to look at this for next year and add to the July agenda. It was suggested to arrange this for the Dorset Arts week, using the main hall offering drinks and canapes.

Meeting closed at 8.58pm