FVPC Minutes 25-09-23

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting

held on Monday 25th September 2023 at 7.00pm at The Savill Hall Cattistock




Cllr C Ould (CO)

Cllr D Newman (DN)

Cllr W Lashbrooke (WL)           

Frome St Quinton

Cllr S Palmer (SP) (Chair)

Cllr S Stovin (SS)

Cllr D McCallum (DM)


Cllr I Mitchell (IM) (Vice Chair)

Cllr S Tosswill (ST)


Cllr G Browning (GB)

Cllr B Sennett  (BS)


In Attendance

Mrs M Harding (Clerk)                             Cllr A Alford (AA) (County Councillor)                      4 members of public


  • Welcome and opening introduction from the Chair. The Chair welcomed everyone and 4 members of public to the meeting.


Democratic forum: Members of public were asked to introduce themselves for the benefit of those in the meeting, but names are not published in the minutes unless specifically requested.


The current liaison with HMS Cattistock attended to explain that the Royal Navy now rotates their MCMV crews through the ships of this class every 4 months which makes regular contact with the ship very difficult and due to time constraints, he would like to pass this role onto someone else. He left a bag of photos and press-cuttings which had belonged to Ivor Collins (a former FVPC Chair) that had been passed to him by Ivor’s son Nigel (also a former FVPC Chair).

A report of out-of-control dogs not being kept on leads at the end of Back Lane was reported, it was suggested this needs reporting to the Dog warden service at Dorset Council. Details will be circulated.


The Proprietor of The Orchard, Chalmington attended to speak to the Council regarding the complaints received. After reading the minutes about the concerns with noise and hours of business, they requested that any issues are raised directly with them so these can be addressed. DN commented that, as with many businesses including farming, those who complain do not complain directly but tend to put their issues on social media or report direct to the relevant authority. BS asked whether the complaints received by FVPC, and subsequently passed on to DC, were supported by any evidence from the complainants.

The proprietor also commented on the planning application which is being put in for full planning on the mobile home to live in permanently. The PC will comment on this when the application is live.

SP summarised the issues raised, the issue of planning for the Orchard and the application being for the Tap room and the use of the permitted development rights for the current use.  Also, the advertisement of the screening of Glastonbury Festival created some concerns over noise.

The proprietor commented that the premises licence in place covers the current business activities that include the online side of the business. Also, that they monitor the sound of any activities with a decibel meter.

Another 2 members of public attended in support of the Orchard business.


A resident who had attended the meeting in November asked the PC what was happening about the 20mph speed limit. It was explained that the PC had discussed the matter and were waiting on community input and evidence to follow up on the suggestion and that there had been no response from members of the public to setting up a Community Speed Watch (CSW) team. The resident said that he was unaware of this and explained that Dorset Council had advised him on the telephone that this was not required. Another member of the public offered support with a CSW as their Parish Council had purchased the necessary equipment.

The PC were still of the opinion that the CSW evidence was needed in order to meet the criteria for a 20mph speed limit as this is what the guidance published by Dorset Council states.

The resident also asked the PC to support the provision of fibre broadband to Cattistock by Wessex Internet, 80 homes are needed to sign up in order for the provision to be viable.


  • To receive apologies for absence– all in attendance
  • To receive disclosures of interests from members on matters to be considered at the meeting –
  • Minutes of the meeting held on 24th July 2023

The minutes were approved as an accurate record of the meeting.

Proposed SS                                                       Seconded CO

  • To receive any matters arising for information only – none
  • To receive a report from Dorset Council (Tony Alford)

Tony gave his report and left as he had other meetings to attend.

  1. On Saturday 14th October at 2pm the Dorset History Centre in Dorchester will hold an event with two short talks on the derivation of English place names. The English Place Names Society has recently completed its fifth and final volume for Dorset – a monumental effort which has taken academics nearly forty years complete.
  2. Following a reassignment of roles we will have a new Community Highways Officer who is James Stone, replacing David Carey.
  3. Round 4 of the Household Support Fund (HSF) will reopen for applications at 10am on Thursday 7 September 2023 for low-income households in the Dorset Council area.
  4. The Housing Strategy consultation closes on October 2nd.
  5. The Local Council Tax Reduction Scheme is a discount that helps working aged people on low incomes pay their council tax bill. A consultation has opened on proposed changes to the scheme.

The consultation began on Wednesday 13 September 2023 and will be open for 6 weeks, closing on Wednesday 25 October 2023.

  1. The regulations for temporary recreational campsites or ‘pop up’ camping sites have changed with the introduction of new permitted development rights.

Land can still be used for up to 28 days per calendar year as a campsite with unlimited number of tents only without formal planning permission. This right applies until 25 July 2024.

The new rights also allow land to be used for up to 60 days in any calendar year as a campsite. This latest change permits up to 50 pitches of either tents or campervans. With this usage Dorset Council needs to be notified in writing first. There may also be the need for a site licence.

Permitted development rights come from a general planning permission granted by Government rather than local councils. These rights mean that certain types of work can be carried out without needing to apply for formal planning permission.

All the rights are subject to limitations and conditions.

  1. Plans have been unveiled which will make a difference to the lives of children, young people and families in Dorset over the next ten years.

A partnership of local agencies from across Dorset has published its ambitious Children Young People and Families Plan which details the work that it will carry out to create a bright future for Dorset’s children and young people.

The Dorset Strategic Alliance for Children and Young People brings together senior people from the council, police, health, fire and rescue services, schools, early years settings and the voluntary and community sector to shape and transform services for children and young people that achieve improved outcomes.

  1. RAAC – Extract from a Dorset Council statement.

As part of the Council’s Pan-County compliance review of its assets, an extensive programme of surveys has been commissioned of all our schools, not just for the presence of RAAC but also to establish their broader current condition and where investment needs to be targeted and prioritised.

In terms of RAAC, Dorset maintained schools that fall within the period 1950’s to 1990’s has been inspected in accordance with the 1st phase inspection as set out in the DfE guidelines. The Chartered Surveyors reports have been received and include a statement that “we have not identified RAAC within the subject property”. The Council’s remaining schools are now being surveyed as a further safeguarding measure and we are working with Academy colleagues to assist them with their processes.

In terms of the next steps (i.e., the DfE Stage 3 Assessment), in line with the DfE’s recommended guidance, the Council is now engaging a team of structural engineers to undertake detailed assessments in the form of intrusive surveys, and this will include taking small samples of building elements. To provide further assurance to schools, the structural engineers will be supported by a contractor in attendance who will make good any sample holes and ensure the area is left clean.

However, before that process can begin, the schools asbestos register is being checked to ensure it is up to date. Where it is not, the register highlighting asbestos containing materials will be updated with immediate effect.

All schools will be informed of the dates of the next phase of surveys and to reduce the impact on our children, all surveys and work to clean up will take place during evenings and/or weekends. The programme to complete all stage 4 surveys will take place between September and December.

Finally, you will be aware that the use of RAAC is not confined to just schools and the survey programme is being extended to other Council assets deemed to be at risk. This includes buildings such as care homes, libraries and offices etc.

WL enquired about Air B & B planning permissions and was advised that any concerns can be reported to enforcement, and they can look into it and act accordingly.


  • Community Space
  1. To receive an update from the Community Space working group

The weekly check list had been provided by the working group; the Zip wire service is due to be carried out. The springer has fallen apart and has been removed, the group will advise what they would like to be done or replace the item.

  1. Update on the entrance gate (DN, DM, SP)

This is ongoing, the gate was highlighted as an issue with opening outwards onto the highway, a bolt was considered on the inside or a catch that is high enough to stop a child opening the gate ensuring any parent has time to get the child in time. The PC made it clear that children specifically those of the younger age should be accompanied by an adult.

  1. To consider the latest inspection reports and any repairs- Awaiting reports from inspector.
  2. BS asked if there were any plans to finish surfacing the boules court with a layer of fine gravel as the current heavy surface is virtually unplayable.




  • Finance and procedural matters
  1. To consider the donation to Country Cars for their mobile phone costs payable to MNPC

The details of the users over the last year were 255 and these were broken down as follows: MNPC 69.4%= £83.29, FVPC 16.9% =£20.83, TPPC 13.7% =£16.48

It was agreed to make the contribution of £20.83 towards the costs.

Proposed GB                         Seconded DM

  1. To authorise payments for goods and services received since last meeting.
Payment Description Amount
Admin Salary/Exp/office costs 1110.66
PCC Cattistock Grants and Donations 610.00
PCC Chilfrome Grants and Donations 260.00
PCC Frome St Quintin Grants and Donations 260.00
RBL Grants and Donations 50.00
Maiden Newton PC Grant towards Mobile phone costs Country Cars payable to MNPC 20.83
J Carver Grass cutting 210.00
Savill Hall Hall Hire 20.00
Lloyd’s August and September and Deposit matured 309.06

Bank Balances as of 31st August 2023 £ 34,741.14    Proposed CO                              Seconded GB


  • To consider the date and arrangements for the Annual Parish Meeting 2024 held between 1st March and 30th June- Cllrs discussed the style of the meeting being for the parish and not a formal Parish Council meeting to encourage more to stand as Councillors in April. The idea of having local groups to attend and report on their activities, also to have a table to raise the profile of the Parish Council, in order to confirm a date more info was needed on the election dates for 2024.
  • Planning and Development matters
  1. To consider planning applications currently in circulation-
  2. To note development decisions received since the last meeting-
  • Highways-
    1. To receive highways reports- It was noted that there is to be an upgrade to the Railway track from Weymouth to Pen Mill so there would be changes to services.
    2. 20 mph speed limit- following the comments in the democratic forum and the misunderstandings, the PC will formulate a response and follow up with DC on the current criteria for the speed limit, Cllr Alford also offered his support.
  • To receive the transport report. To be circulated.
  • Rights of Way-
  1. To receive an update from the Rights of Way Liaison Officer. The issue of the damaged step on Public Footpath, Mill Lane, Cattistock has been reported.
  2. Update on the definitive map changes at Wraxall– IM reported that this section of the definitive map is to be considered to be rewilded and a statement given to Dorset Council it is hoped to speak to the landowner, DN offered to make contact.



  • To consider the purchase, installation and contract for waste bins in the parish

Following complaints about dog mess and dog behaviour on the local social media groups. It was suggested that a reminder could be placed in the Chimes. Some Dorset Council dog warning signs had been supplied and more to be ordered at £6 each. The cost of waste bins is £250 plus installation costs and the contract for collection £5.60 per week. It was noted that the current waste bins can be used for dog mess, but at this stage no new bins will be ordered.

  • Correspondence– received and previously circulated.

Cllrs commented on the Air B&B being advertised at a property which is subject to an agricultural occupancy condition, this will be followed up with enforcement. It was also requested that enforcement checks the main occupation of the current resident of that property to make sure that this meets the requirements of the agricultural occupancy condition.

Following the request from a member of the public to support the provision of fibre broadband by Wessex Internet, it was agreed that as this is a business proposal, it should be up to the business to approach the residents directly and possibly hold an event in the Savill Hall if they wish to promote their service.

  • Parish reports:
  1. Cattistock- DN asked about the structures that have been installed at the Football Club as there does not seem to be planning permission especially in the conservation area, this will be followed up.

BS commented on the path at the back of the hall as this is impassable, and questioned if it was a fire escape, the hall committee will be approached.

BS offered to take on the role of FVPC liaison with HMS Cattistock. GB suggested that the HMS Cattistock documents could be placed in the Dorset History Centre. As they were specific to Cattistock, BS suggested that copies of the photos could be placed on the village website, and the hard copies passed to Rupert Cake (RC) who maintains a village archive. GB suggested that RC could be approached with a view to merging his website with the Cattistock Community website.

  1. Frome St Quintin – Update on the Tree and land at the Spring

It was reported that SSE had been on site to inspect the tree growing through the power lines, Dorset Council will then look at the maintenance.

DN had gathered a map of the area in order to register the land in the name of the parish to maintain it. An appointment for the bank is yet to be arranged in order to access the Frome St Quintin funds.

  • Chilfrome – none.


  • To confirm items for the next Parish Council meeting on 27th November 2023

Budget and precept request,

Meeting closed at 9.00pm