FVPC Minutes 25-3-24

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting

held on Monday 25th March at 7.30pm at The Savill Hall, Cattistock

This meeting followed after the Annual Parish Meeting




Cllr D Newman (DN)

Cllr G Browning (GB)

Cllr B Sennett  (BS)

Cllr W Lashbrook (WL)

Frome St Quintin

Cllr S Palmer (SP) (Chair)

Cllr D McCallum (DM)

Cllr S Stovin (SS)



Cllr I Mitchell (IM) (Vice Chair)

Cllr A Alford (County Councillor)    

Cllr C Ould and Cllr S Tosswill



  Democratic Forum
  No members of the public attended the meeting.
24/03-1 Welcome and opening introduction from the Chair
  The Chair welcomed everyone.

The Chair advised the Parish Council that Cllr Tosswill will not be standing for re-election. SP thanked Cllr Tosswill for his many years of service as a Chilfrome Councillor and that his knowledge and contribution will be missed.

Action: SP to write to Cllr Tosswill

24/03-2 To consider the employment of a new Clerk/RFO
  The Chair advised that no applications have been received to date.

BS advised that he may know someone who might be interested.

Action: BS to update

24/03-3 To receive apologies for absence
  Cllr C Ould

Cllr S Tosswill

24/03-4 To receive disclosures of interests from members on matters to be considered at the meeting
24/03-5 To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 29th January 2024
  The minutes were approved as an accurate record of the meeting.

Proposed – SS

Seconded – GB

24/03-6 Matters arising from the last meeting (for information only)
24/03-7 To receive report from Dorset Council (Tony Alford)
  Cllr Alford advised the Parish Council that he would not be standing for re-election. SP thanked Cllr Alford for his support and advice and wished him well for the future.
24/03-8 Community Space
i To receive an update from the Community Space Working Group

Awaiting report

ii To consider the latest inspection reports and any repairs

Circulated to all Councillors

24/03-9 Financial and Procedural Matters
i Authorise payments for goods and services received since last meeting
Payee Reason Amount £’s
Savill Hall Savill Hall Hire 32.00
M Harding RFO services 40.00
Dorset Council Supply and fit grit bin

Higher Chilfrome

Ken Hussey Q1 2024 Inspection 70.00
  Total 532.00
   Proposed – SS

Seconded – GB

Action: SP to administer online payments for authorisation.

24/03-10 Planning
i To consider all planning applications in circulation


ii To note planning decisions received since the last meeting, or other planning matters.

The Orchard at Chalmington

Well Cottage at Frome St Quintin

24/03-11 Highways
i To receive any highways reports


ii To receive the Transport report
  Circulated to all Councillors
24/03-12 Footpaths and Rights of Way
24/03-13 Correspondence
i To review items of correspondence and any comments / actions
  All correspondence circulated to Councillors

No comments / actions

24/03-14 Parish Reports
i Cattistock
  Bus shelter – BS noted that it required a summer coat of dark brown stain – requested approval to purchase stain and brushes.

Proposed SP

Seconded GB

PPG – GB updated the Parish Council with regards to PPG. Meeting held at Maiden Newton which was positive overall.  2 new doctors have been appointed, however the surgery is down a Receptionist. GB suggested appointing a Cattistock representative to liaise with PPG to support the community and the practice.

DN advised that Maiden Newton Football Club had made an application to put a car park in field, but it could not go through.  This follows concerns raised with cars parking on the road.

Cattistock Lodge – BS advised landlord’s agent aware that people are getting into the site (mainly young adults and children). Planning application unlikely to be approved soon due to nutrient neutrality requirements.

ii Frome St Quintin
  Defibrillator – to be discussed at next meeting.
iii Chilfrome
  IM advised;

·       Finger post at Higher Drove demolished.

·       Potholes no better

·       Concern re damaged wall. Highways very good at removing debris, however argument that wall should be replaced / repaired. Query responsibility landowner or Highways?

·       Other area of flooding has now started to drain away.

24/03-15 To confirm the date for the Annual Parish Council Meeting on Monday 13 May 2024


Meeting closed at 9.15pm