FVPC Minutes 08-06-22

Minutes of the Extraordinary Parish Council meeting

held on Monday 8th June 2022

at 7pm at the Savill Hall Cattistock


Cattistock                                                    Frome St Quinton                                    Chilfrome

Cllr B Sennett  (BS)                                    Cllr S Palmer (SP)                                      Cllr I Mitchell (IM) (Vice Chair)

Cllr G Browning (GB)                                Cllr David McCallum





In Attendance

Mrs M Harding (Clerk)                             3 members of public


Welcome and Democratic Period- The Chair welcomed Cllrs and members of the Cattistock Community funds group to the Extraordinary Parish Council meeting to discuss this installation of Outdoor Gym equipment in the Community Space.


  • Welcome and to receives apologies for absence, W Lashbrook, S Stovin, R Kilby and S Tosswill.
  • To receive disclosures of interests or grants of dispensation- none
  • To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 23rd May 2022

IM asked for an amendment to the minutes regarding the issues of safety concerns in the location suggested, these were discussed and agreed.

Proposed SP                   Seconded IM


  • Matters arising from the last meeting- none
  • Community Space
    1. Following the agreement in principle to the proposed for Exercise Equipment in the Community Space to consider funding and timescales

The project was highlighted for the benefit of those Councillors who were not in attendance at the PC meeting and for clarification

Location: it is proposed to place the equipment in the bottom left corner below the zip wire

Fencing: There would need to be fencing around the items suitable to keep those under 1.4m away from the equipment as this is the recommended height of the user.

Ongoing maintenance: The ongoing costs would be insurance which the PC would pay for within their current cover, the annual maintenance/service of the equipment which could cost in the region of £370 per year and the weekly visual inspections by the Community Space group, which needs more volunteers if this equipment is to be installed.

Insurance: the PC will contact the current insurers to explore what additional measures need to be put in place with this type of equipment to mitigate the risks.

Inspections: The PC will contact our current inspector to see if he will carry out the quarterly inspections along with the play area inspections.

Funding: The Village stores project has £3000 to put to the project, it is then hoped to apply for various funding pots i.e Awards for all, National lottery, Dorset Council funding grants, potentially some S106 monies if agreed, possibly Palmers and the DC capital leverage fund and possibly a potential grant from the PC.

This will be further discussed at the PC meeting on 25th July when more information on funding.


A drive to recruit volunteers to the Community space group is necessary with this additional equipment being considered. It was suggested that there could be information in the Chimes and on the Community Facebook page.


Cllrs each gave their comments on the project and supported the decision to proceed, and the Cattistock Community Fund group move to the next stage and come back to the PC with any further support that is required.


Meeting closed at 7.50pm


Members of the meeting then had a site visit in the Community Space to look at the location