FVPC Minutes – INFORMAL 29.07.2021


Notes from an informal meeting of the Parish Council held remotely via Zoom on Monday 29th July 2021, commencing at 7.00 pm.



Cllr Mitchell                                                        Cllr Browning                                     Cllr Palmer

Cllr McCallum                                                    (Cllr Harpur last five minutes only)


In Attendance

Mrs K Sheehan (Clerk), Cllr A Alford (County Councillor).


Democratic Period

Councillor Palmer welcomed everyone to the meeting. No members of the public were in attendance.


21/045.                 Apologies

Apologies were received and accepted from Cllr Sennett (away), Cllr Stovin (away), Cllr Kilby (away).


21/046.                 Code of Conduct and Declarations of Interests



21/047.                 Minutes of the meetings held on 4th May 2021

Minutes were noted – no changes required.  To be formally approved at next meeting.


21/048.                 Matters Arising

None raised.


21/049.                 Higher Authority Report – Dorset Council

Cllr Alford reported that, in addition to the various Dorset Council regular bulletins, the planning function would no longer be sending out letters to neighbouring properties of planning applications.  He also noted that a decision had been made by Natural England not to progress the proposal for a Dorset National Park this year.


21/050.                 Development Matters                  

a. P/HOU/2021/02177 13 Meadow View, Cattistock

Members raised no objections to this application.

b. P/LBC/2021/01504 Fullers Earth, Maiden Newton Road, Cattistock

Members raised no objections, stating that the changes seemed both reasonable and an improvement.

c. Determinations – none

d. To receive any updates regarding the mobile home located at Sandhills

Members noted a report from the planning enforcement officer which had been circulated.


21/051.                 Community Space

a. To receive an update from the Community Space Working Group

The Clerk noted that the play inspector had picked up on the fact that the Covid signage had blown away.  Councillors asked the Clerk to check on signage requirements post-16th August.  Councillors also noted that glasses from the pub are being left in the Community Space, which could be dangerous.

b. To note weekly inspection reports and action any findings

Cllr Palmer reported that she had continued to conduct the weekly checks, with nothing major to report at present, other than the glasses noted above.

c. To note quarterly inspection report

Circulated and noted.


21/052.                 Highways and Footpaths

a. To receive an update from the Rights of Way Liaison Officer


b. To consider a request for signage on the Community Space fencing to prevent parked vehicles blocking access to properties

Members considered correspondence received from members of the public requesting signage to improve parking and access near the Community Space.  Councillors felt that the area could potentially be cluttered with signage, which would have the effect of making each signage less visible/effective.  Community Space users would be identifiable in the Community Space and could be requested to move their vehicles if the issue arose.

c. To consider a request for a replacement memorial bench located outside the churchyard

Members agreed that in principle this was a reasonable request, however, Cllr Browning agreed to assess the current condition of the bench and also try to establish whether it was an existing memorial bench before proceeding.

Action: Cllr Browning to report back to September meeting.

d. To consider refurbishment of Chilfrome fingerpost on A356.

Action: Clerk to research AONB funding for this project.


21/053.                 Financial and Procedural Matters

a. To authorise payments for goods and services/note receipts and bank reconciliation

04.06.2021 HSBC Interest  £               0.07
16.07.2021 Openreach Wayleaves  £               8.82
 £               8.89
Payments Voucher Chq  Amount
PCC Cattistock Grant for Dorset flag CA126 100803  £           110.00
DAPTC Affiliation fee 21/21 CA127 100804  £           259.14
Staff Salary/expenses June and July CA128 100805  £           720.73
K Hussey Inspection/valuation/repair CA129 100806  £           269.00
SWAST Defibrillator renewal CA130 100807  £       2,160.00
J Carver Grass cuts 2020 and 2021 CA131 100808  £           340.00
Cattistock PCC Cemetery maintenance grant CA132 100809  £           610.00
Chilfrome PCC Cemetery maintenance grant CA133 100810  £           260.00
Frome St Quintin PCC Cemetery maintenance grant CA134 100811  £           260.00
Staff August – postdated final salary CA135 100812  £           303.61
DCPF EE & ER contribs; June, July, Aug CA136 100813  £           300.39
 £       5,592.87


Proposed: Cllr G Browning                           Seconded: Cllr I Mitchell                                                              RESOLVED

Bank reconciliation and list of reserves held noted, no comments made.

b. To note that DAPTC training on the proposed new Code of Conduct and complaints process is now available.

The Clerk reminded Councillors that these sessions were available and booking was ‘self-service’ through the DAPTC website.

c. To receive an update on Dorset Council’s Community Governance Review

Councillors noted that DC had now agreed terms of reference for the review, which was now underway.

d. To authorise the Clerk to sign the MOU with SWAST for the renewed defibrillator contract

All present agreed that the Clerk should sign and return the MOU.

e. To agree an advert, job description, person specification, timetable and panel for the recruitment of a new Clerk.

Agreed without change and councillors would identify dates for interview closer to the time.

f. To amend the bank mandate to remove outgoing Clerk as signatory/correspondence address

Action:  Clerk to prepare a letter for signature to this effect.

g. To retrospectively approve any decisions made under the scheme of delegation

Deferred until next formal meeting of Council.


21/054.                 Correspondence

Previously circulated to all.  No queries raised.


21/055.                 Other Relevant Information

Cllr Palmer thanked everyone for attending and the Clerk for her service over the past five years.


21/056.                 Arrangements for the next meeting

Councillors agreed to return to usual meeting arrangements for September – Monday 27th September, 7pm, in the Savill Hall kitchen.


Items for the agenda to be advised to the Clerk/Chair 7 days prior to the meeting date.