Policies & Procedures


Procedural Matters

Member Code of Conduct – Adopted July 2019

Standing Orders – Reaffirmed may 2023

Financial Regulations – Reaffirmed May 2023


Other Policies

Complaints Procedure– Mar 2023

Grant Awarding Policy March 2023

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy May 2023

Equalities Policy– March 2023

Co-option Policy– July 2023

Disciplinary Policy– July 2023

Grievance Policy– July 2023

Social Media Policy– July 2023


GDPR – May 2018

Regulations relating to privacy & data came into force in May 2018. Frome Valley Parish Council is a data controller and complies with the GDPR regulations.  The Policies and Procedures adopted by the Council are published below: these are due for update May 2024

General Privacy Notice

Data Protection & FOI Policy

FVPC Consent Form

Retention Schedules for Parish Councils